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The only magazine for franchise consultants, franchise brokers and franchisors

Franchise Consultant Magazine (FCM) is the industry’s only magazine made specifically for franchise consultants, franchise brokers and franchisors. With a behind-the-scenes look at leading franchise brands, each issue has the resources and information franchise consultants need to best serve their candidates. From our franchisee success stories to our in-depth franchisor profiles, Franchise Consultant Magazine is the go-to resource for a successful franchise consulting business.  

Franchise professionals who want to stay informed keep Franchise Consultant Magazine in arm’s reach. A quick-read magazine, each month a select few franchise brands are featured in an easy-to-digest format. Franchise consultants and franchise brokers consider FCM a trusted resource that they can refer to over and over again. Franchisors use the magazine to show the human side of their brands as well as its benefits.

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Must-have magazine for anyone in the franchise consulting business

If you are in the franchise consulting business, you know that making a perfect match between candidates and franchises takes knowledge and understanding… and that’s where we come in! With a carefully-curated selection of articles about franchisees’ and franchisors’ accomplishments, franchise brand overviews, and insights from diverse franchise industry professionals, Franchise Consultant Magazine is a valuable asset for anyone in the franchise consulting business.  

Our unique content helps franchise consultants and franchise brokers understand the ins and outs of franchise ownership from each featured brand so they can make suitable matches between candidates and franchises. With colorful storytelling, franchise consultants can readily identify brands that are suitable for the backgrounds and interests of their candidates. FCM aims to inspire. And it does… beautifully. It contains color photos, attractive layouts, logical navigation and heavyweight paper. Articles are quick reads that keep professionals at the top of the franchise consulting business.

The human side of leading franchise brands

Our content always includes overviews of leading franchise brands, from exciting new emerging franchises to established legacy brands. We showcase the human side of each brand by showing the people behind it and sharing each one’s unique story. These stories resonate with our readers and bring franchise brands to life. After all, franchisees don’t just invest in a business, they become part of a franchise family with its own unique culture. A good fit is essential to a franchisee’s success.

Franchisee success stories

With each issue of Franchise Consultant Magazine, you’ll find personal, relatable accounts from franchise business owners who explain why they chose a particular franchise and what it entails in terms of challenges and rewards. Franchisees share what it takes to be successful and what a typical day is like as a franchise business owner. 

Our franchisee success stories are relatable. Often, franchise consultants will use them to describe ownership of  franchise brands to their candidates. From the day-to-day workings of the business, to plans for growth, to the training and support provided by the franchisor, these stories provide an insider’s perspective for franchise consultants to share.

About IFPG

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is the No. 1 ranked franchise broker organization with more than 1,500 franchisors, franchise consultants and vendor members. Together, IFPG members guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of identifying and investing in a franchise business. The franchise broker organization launched Franchise Consultant Magazine to help its consultant members better understand the brands in IFPG’s portfolio. All IFPG members receive a printed copy of FCM each month. The magazine, plus the franchise broker organization’s other resources and events, are designed to build strong relationships between its members. 

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